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Introduced she wore a sad but sweet smile 
that sired like the fumes...  gathered like the ash of yesterday.

Hidden behind a mask what looms
between these gaps of obscurities  
so associated with its gloom,
stated as the stained mediocrity 

I saw her lips, convey, a forever... she didn't believe in
I saw her august shed like her virginity 
as seasons serenest as an autumn red...

As were those steel anointed prayers 
how I even sensed it in her words
as she never even used to swear 

I saw her hopes, those denied forever
I saw her bloom fall to the ground to wither; dithering
one by one 

dissociated she tried to ease these pleas, of never.  
Those she didn't believe seasons even redder

As seasons, reasons change..
as truths become lost,   
reasons change
yet never did its cost. 
She never used to swear
a girl that hides behind her mask. your shouldnt assume there isnt another side behind beauty or sadness. 
As feet that tug through the crumbled snow. As the pockets of winter the smiles they blush.
Wandering shadows they fleet to our greeting stares- then touch.
The promises keyed out letters 'leave there mark' 
Cherry-red lips cherished, skin palish as those wintry dunes
and untamed peaks...they now were sowed so-so... to love we shuddered
as if love was a photo... a mere memento 
as the promise that we would  someday 'meet' 
If love was a mere memento
An memento of a moment captured in a photo. Wrote on the back,"the place the day we met"
so mementos, timeless, forever cherished. Its set in December. just the idea of meeting at that time of year seems euphoric. 
Clearer sending an arrow to a bow- sending  dreams to a sender  
"merging like two bodies that rise their existences like a match, one breathing, one tasting hunger"  
You was the lit match to this a  thankless light.
capturing mercy but was mercy not a spite? 
As the murderous virtues few could quell. 
when you knew your fate, you knew too well  

Wanting them to die by your hand to shush
while brushing heroes with the same red brush,
actions served as a reminder of cowardly men 
allowed such power, would be devoured then

Watching the martyrs love reduced to cowardice    
a martyr of blood, the selflessness of a sacrifice 
after all there stood a nobody just the shell
of a empty man  living the lifelessness, his hell.
For him to receive such power, was insanities plea,
he wasn't god unknowingly a death he didn't see.
Was mercy a form of spite? Truth a flawless white.  
As valour whose purpose was not quite contrite

as was victory...
So called as mercy's you gave 
how was it victory
as yours was a unmarked grave. 
mercy's last gauntlet.
Was mercy a form of spite? 
Power and mercy's grasp. some show mercy in the eyes of the people
and then stab there back.

Your body is like a island, my body is like the silver waves
that run across to my shallow heart 
your love was like the imprinted kiss
to the cups rim  
my love was the tinted edge to the cup
filled to the brim. 
Some called it 'art' you 'call' it never 
as levels were old and so was forever
folding the sips of our silver linings.

We held our breaths as each one wound back and forth
between our 'elastic hearts'
-till the moment we knew our universes
would never

so henceforth we wore our galaxies
while others would collapse...


Burning, dimming into nothing.Ours shone
with the mightiness of one
gleaming, brimming among those burnt out shells

bursting as those seams.  
Living,embodying my love, my hopes.Strung together
in a dream.


Your love was the emblem 
Our love was a millennium
each one ever so brief 
Elastic hearts
elastic hearts truly know their universes will never snap.

I don't like all of the poem, just the first and some of the second one.


Artist | Literature
United Kingdom

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