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That turquoise-green glimmer
burned on a coast of ivory
as what was shot deep in the wayfarers heart,
were those darers hopes
to dare where dreams they die. 
Satiable  I get the feeling its hunger,
it fills me with the need to feed the absence,
it was narrow like two sides that ricochetted
between the waning silence
like a knife that jabs the sides of a sweet decay

as maddening as these psychopathic pangs
to rinse and repeat every four hours,
as to emerge from the experience unscathed
as these signals ranged from meteor showers
to demented moans from the painted folds of a smile

wanting them to die, to fade, yet they hunger 
and rage  like a river of flame, a blanket of ice,
we would do anything to kill. The empty-dull feeling
was disguised as a dagger full of poison wrongs
we was "not just hungry but also ravenous"  
Hunger Pangs
The depths of a hunger was like the sharpness of a blade
both dull and overbearing till the feeling  has to fade.
He took out a time-worn book with a book mark where he left it,
old but humble worn in all the places you'd expect
from something so lovingly kept...
inside he wrote;  his epitaphs, his memoires,
like peering into an open chest
like burrowing you head  into its pages, 

from love lost, to hearts  entangled,
as an  umbilical noose that hung
trying not to choke itself to death
excitement eventually  filled the air,
not just second-hand breath to lungs 
and in the rush you felt it,
a sudden  sharpness ran  to inking tips
was it pain or was it joy  
that remembered us
so  vigorous,

running beneath our skin entwined
maybe  as morsels  to feed  a hunger,  
that  rests a mirror's side.
As pages brought to mirror
Inking tips
Maybe book is a Metaphor  "not reading a book by its cover" or for life; reading your life like a book.
maybe its a struggle  to give yourself a shape, not necessarily round but circle.

It seems to be about a guy who is reading his life story, and regretting how it reads him
like two parallels; the book as himself and him as the book.

or simply. Life for a younger self,  what you would  see. if you asked yourself

As delinquent hearts open here to the ridden path
to distant tears and how we felt them.
As a name from a friendly voice spoke
to obtain from this a odd sense of happiness,
as a soft voice would introduce the reverse of melancholy
as hope would return from the happen-less
the hand that held  was an open chest,
which we kept to never lose it.

Next to the river that ran
hung by a noose over brambles
do we wait to be saved by the hand that  swims
with the wings that grew ever entangled 
with intentions to trap; to free,
happily your body was a wave,
uttering its name, illusively, a loose-leaf 

your body was the waning armour
your body was a storm 
and shone as a golden seam,
a godly warmth possessed
like  the leaves of spring
as we  knew effortless  slipped a name
 dourest we grew the same 
like the lips the voices that used to sing

in our little heads,
rasping this  joyful-happy voice,
first wearing a lone sea
now a shell full of echoes
a raiment of sunburst memories.
Sunburst memories
Wrote this while listening to a "spirited away" theme…  Turned out better than expected so I wanted to share it.  ^_^ Music is where I get the majority my inspiration from (now you know)
The light of  ideas soon to blossom tragic;
as the lasting sense of goodbyes
to a sudden sense of  softness,
as ever so   suddenly we shy
our self-sacrifice was ever so tragic
as what time had worn
in your absence, had since dried and wilted  

as we reach purely to our taste,
that breath that takes us to a slumber
surely, what we had admitted
purely in our  hearts;
replaces blood-shocked  memories
as we wade though that invasive dark

inconsistencies  fight-less, evasive,
bathed with forget me nots
so we pass through a  golden light
a carriage, so brave
as quiet  your  absence wears me
as sentiments  had since  forgave   forgot

subdued  as a destined home
we pollinate the sweet fragrance,
as we sigh  away from cowardice
as we all cohere  the happened twice,
to wash  away fear from all
as courage that was brisk as white. 
sense of goodbyes
Its about a sense of letting go; that goodbye doesn't have to be that last word. tragic a tragedy, life leaves us with a dead-end  that inevitable goodbye doesn't have to be the end. new bonds begin new hopes take root, where ground seems dead.
Well not uploaded a poem in a while. as most things I've wrote have been a few lines at most, was just informing you that i was sorry for the lack off activity.    
One other thing: id like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, you know who you are :) was an awesome day ehe. 


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