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Flashes of instinct
Rebirth by fire, return to dust
what was I prior--  
as I felt like I've lived before
previous life's and effigies of fires that burn
   before the dawn 
where the dark was densest... 
why do I tremble a heart  mangled by its anxiousness 
As I retain instances that came and went 
in  flashes of instincts, quicker than
the senses of my paranoia?  
singing me its perish songs
they didn't warn prior warn,
the end the ending
was a dire one pending
When It was inherent I retained a prior experience
  and I still recall the moments, I returned to dust
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Mistaken for a beggar
 I had a flashback. Remembering the one day I was in Manchester shopping center minding my own business sitting there casually when a man approached me and randomly throws some spare change into my lap, It was so random but so funny someone mistaking me for a beggar. Did I ever come across as THAT needy for someone to feel the need.
Even considering the fact (at the time) I was so young and that fashion didn't cross my mind--  
it was pretty vague. Yet i remember it well to this date. I remember not knowing what why or how it happened. Whether i was Humbled or offended but i like to think it was both.  this was a serendipitous accident. 
At the time I was Skeptical but  now i just laugh because how often does something like 'that happen' then again what would you say to them "thanks but you really, REALLY SHOULDN'T have" without coming across as ironic.
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Confines of my bleakest slumber
Slumber crept into me and pulled me down
as I slept within these harrowing sleeps  
as I sleep, as I wallowed in your make-
shift sanctums; slumbers endearing my nearing wake were bleak  

what for but the quiet death of 
the pathos of sleeps that didn't break.
I appeared to break twine eye lids that were dead silent, 
as my fibers fed these sheets
With multitudes of violent torsos 
With these fights over supremacy 
debating whether or not I got the fairest share. 
I just didn't want to slip away for someone else to find 
twine fingertips of fingers that vicariously care,
were mine entangled up as much as lingering on the brink
twine the bleakest confines of my bleakest slumber--
In this paradoxical slumber? Where I didn't sleep... 
Where I didn't rest. Didn't find any sanctuary. 
Paranoia was not knowing what hung above my head 
and waking from a sleep-- a waking sleep
knowing that slumber was a single t
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Found in this solemn-place where I chase this fluidity of outlines,
 I drew your face, counting our individual waves  
Was i the waves as i went in and out of minds 
or was It i was simply hallucinating them
before i knew which temptation was mine, like a coveted namesake
to this dark ripple-- you oscillated my pacts like an escape wound,
my tears were as black as they'd trickle--across
what gaped like a half-moon... like a bridge bridging off its distance
 The  place I found you was as lost-marooned as i was.  I found it was too vivid.
 Reddish-maroon and ebbed in more than the specifics
as i idolized you sometimes more than just a little...   
the more time we spent the more that we mimicked.

 We chased on our own.
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Rainy memoirs
Sometimes i'd look through my mildew covered windows listening to sounds of rain ricocheted off my roof,  
the faint sound of tapping to the corrugated iron and the sounds of bustling from nearby tree-branches, creaking between pauses, was so mesmerizing.
Resonance of man-made and natural bodies that worked as an alliance, an echo, a symphony 
just simply listening to it flowing. 
Was a calm eccentricity.
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treat elusively of a step
Never trust  the solidarity of your surroundings
the ground you walk should be treated as wire-thin.
walking over                  gaps             as you skip.
Elusively i  slipped
anonymously into  the veil of each  elusive  crack,
as lights were an anchor around each neck,   
as desperate footsteps quietly deft thoughts that someone could be watching.
Silent mezzanines, crevices, what slipped around nooks
that slept, as steps that were as residual crept.  
Someone watched lingering but my shadow was the inevitable dark  
what swept among an uninvited guest,  
who was even  trying to mimic.
All that there was was a thin layer of mist
rising from a chimneys pockets,     poked.
Lots of Victorian houses were stacked as a thinnest veil,
with distances you see only from the front of your hand
the spec that you saw was the
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Mature content
Overrun :iconlumenartist:LumenArtist 3 3
Spring of the first
There was a graveyard and an unmarked grave.
Those berets of grey met with a single solemn red rose
giving off this aura into the distance,
like a photo saturated of  its colour
eyes immediately set gazes upon it.
Not even knowing whom placed it there.  
The only thing that was clear from the norm
it was freshly put waiting undisturbed 
waiting for a story, waiting for this day,
waiting for the Spring of the first.
Struck by the likeness of somebody she never knew
was exciting but they were so alike
and as much apart that it was haunting.
So like the photo of the rose and the
grey of deepest longing... awning. 
A girl had lost the mother she never knew
ironically her mother died in the spring,
given the location she was buried  
and a picture that resembled her.
Among the rosy colour of her skin
it was deep as the Spring of the first
This is where the story slightly dithered...
She thought she was the only one, the only child
but i was also kin. I w
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Summer solstice
Waves of summer solstice  
colours of auburn burnt
buildings shaded from afar.
:iconlumenartist:LumenArtist 3 2
From Solitude, from sleep and involuntary peeps
trying way too hard as i try to tell you speaking
to you though words that barely made it out,  
mumble, madness but screams babbled made from my mouth.
Solitude was a stitch id wear now torn from the warrens 
when that last word left my tongue sadness struck your compliments,
tears fell and the hand you hadn't held long was gone
where you feel the anger of remorseful nothings,
You yelled the sort of yell not discouraged.   
Empty was the point of acceptance and the lack of hope  
was the cusp, the dawn of both these sides
as  branches were the blackness of a robe.
Solitude was the point twine
decline settled  but yet bargaining with  
death was the most dishevel, 
gulping from the discontent
 the detail that was the devil
grasping at my throat and
wind pipes were dis-prevailed
by the time these words got to you
and  your  last tear  already fell,
again i was  pronounce
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Mask of the discerned
Met mixed with these black and myriad like whispers  
met with those who bet on the acts of the disheveled 
met by fates of grotesque lines as fear unfairly drew  
we deviated as we met paths with our periled perils.
Burning these nostrils as they were met indiscriminately
caught aloft by the whiffs of whatever disastrously burned,
and questioned if you was meant to be among the woeful
questioning the all who wore the Mask of the discerned

from them various wearer's, and vicariously minds tore
the night was nameless and wanting was a death-wish,
a dark precarious chill and bore the likes of which   
twilight like wanes met at both ends like a necklace 
to be like these dark and wooden weaves they twist
from backs, from defected acts of requites of dire reach 
Billowing as quiet echoes personify this abyss of writhing
met by those roars of anguish that spite darn't breach.
From the light a dark and from the dark a lig
:iconlumenartist:LumenArtist 4 2
Invisible ink
We were a treason, we were the seasons, doomed for a loom-less reason,
a life on one side and a murder on one, willingly we consume our freedom.
Within the shinning gossamer was i but mere, was  i fierce or was i feared,
one side was a black smile to a black canvas you didn't know was here.
:iconlumenartist:LumenArtist 5 2
What was a black-hole to a sun
but if i was a black-hole i would devour the sun
showering down fiery radiance
where this love was too much,
for would you burn up just to be
the gases of others galaxies  
and  Calgary i was clairvoyant to
expand  beyond uncovered arteries
to forge flames from forgeries
that were sure to thee.
You were absorbed by the radiance, that pause then a pattern
your remorse was placed distraught,
 misanthrope, for you thought dead
felt ignored,but for the eternities between breathes
darkness, darkness, burnt like rope  
for missing hopes were sent  out
yet night out-glimpsed  words  
and sight was a unemphatic nope,
unless you had cat-eyes like mine
and saw black-holes and so-so's
but can you look too far and hurt too slow
knowing that each infliction
was met painfully waiting.
 Devoured by black-holes distorted hours seemed
vaster, yet so near
hours could be a thousand years or a thousand 
fleeting mom
:iconlumenartist:LumenArtist 2 0
One without the other was neither
Birds they may lack feathers at birth
but your colours would show in a covering snow
resonating as you learnt me how to flutter
but even with her lack of words
she helped me learn to say what words couldn't
she used eyes and ears and signs beyond ever letter;
she could read rhymes and read my mind
read every line, 
but better.
She was my personal mind-reader
while i was blind, even if she left
i wouldn't see, as this was like scarlet fever.
You was my eyes and i was your speech
holding onto her with every effort
as one without the other was neither.
:iconlumenartist:LumenArtist 5 1
Sullen by watercolors
Everyday without fail he paint a portrait of himself
hiding his face behind what loneliness concealed 
not that you needed to see this lonely barren place  
to know how he felt was not only real 
but way beyond  what you saw
captured within its pigments
you saw his ligaments stretch to cold glass
his fingerprints were the portraying of a longing that was rich
stretching  down below the city  from a terrace
perspective, when all you saw was a stitch.
The closer you got.
The quicker you felt
that force of an involuntary chill  
questioning all that was concealed in that blankness 
beneath his modesty that was defined still
when you pigmented dragging your fingers
tips to watercolors was you really sullen
by the canvas you attached your soul to  
but detached as to thatch your identity 
tearing through unpainted pieces
as you saw the paint and saw the pigments
return to the place where
:iconlumenartist:LumenArtist 4 0
Truth wasnt hidden like a magicians magic
this was not a performers act
and I didn't perform
but  it was like i was Houdini
neither was he a locksmith
and nor could a  bullet break this glass
yet this was not a camera trick
or a man faking...  
death was death, and that was that
for a drowning  man
there was no comeback
and no for my last trick....
:iconlumenartist:LumenArtist 2 0
Well I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone who is still active here and still sharing their wonderful works.
I have been inactive for a while due to lows of energy and a constant battle with depression but i feel more confident
to focus on some positive aspects of life. Writings. Family.
(Nieces and nephew who are like a godsend keeping everyone on their toes and at wits end) :tower:

I want some organized chaos but like a river all you can do is follow its natural process. 
Time is Going so fast that i can't always keep track of everything.
I think i am missing a few hours in a day, seriously Anyone else feel that way. 

What do you people want to do this year. Do you have any plans for the future
Or like me just going with the flow.

This year i want to be fruitful learn new lessons, experience new experiences
Visit new places meet new people.

Last thing i intend to write more and follow peoples work who i owe the kindness
of following mine and supporting me

Keep your imagination flowing, and keep safe awesome people. Happy Lenny Emote (Small) 


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United Kingdom



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