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This is my first time featuring other writers works.
(sorry it took me so long to get round to doing this: some things in my life took president)
Beautiful Poems I think deserve praise.

So here goes nothing;

Please take some time to look through these
I'll Never Believe You"You must be mad," I said,
but you simply replied,
"I'll never believe
With fingers tight around your neck,
you were etched into the tree.
Captured by a crooked heart,
you fell to your knees
The iced cake again read:
"Eat me"
and though you had already
become a ghost too many times to count,
you kept hoping this time around
it wouldn't be the same,
but it was
and I promised to cover
your remains
seeing you
is like watching from the waves—
you are so close,
and yet so far away.
loving you
is like climbing the ivy-spun tower—
a treacherous labor
without a promise at the end.
kissing you
is like tasting the apple—
all sweetness and beauty
but poisonous at the core.
believing in you
is like wearing a glass slipper—
it shatters so easily
like a jar of dusty dreams.
leaving you
is like waking after a hundred years—
throwing off the enchantment
and waking to reality.
but oh,
how i still wish you were mine.
Don't fly too high(French version below)
"-Do you have any talents?
-Several, I'm actually pretty talented."
"I love what you're doing Rose... 
Rose? I hate that girl. "

To you, peacock, who proudly believes you're showing your feathers off,
Can a monkey pretend to be knowledgeable without being educated?
From your supposed intelligence emanates a tone of stupidity
To make the cattle from my childhood's fields jealous.
Apothecary of lies, selling his smiles to the more destitute,
Words deprived of meaning and more hollow than your skull,
Your poison spreads slowly as the assassin time.
To you who is, after all, only a shadow of dust
Any storm will evaporate you
Look carefully at your reflection and think, if you can;
Then from your false throne reigning on simple minds,
You'll realize the bitter truth:
You, who thinks you rise above the others,
Don't fly too high,
The divine beauty of the sky 
Was never meant for you.

Titre : Ne vol
as if you needed a reminder to breatheyou never liked it
when it stormed, and i guess
it was because the thunder
rattled your bones in
the way that the sunlight never
could; you were not made
to take the way
the world shakes in
i was a thunder-girl, and lightning
hit my eyes even in the
lamplight; oh, the desperation
in your veins never
liked that glint i got
when the clouds came
storming in. flash-flood warnings
were like hymns to
me but you
were always scared to
shatter a mirror-
glass puddle.
it didn't matter, when the
wind blew, who stood
up straighter --
(except, of course, that your
pride bowed lower than
your knees and you
never could get it to stand
on it's own two
feet again)
-- but we both knew
that that wind
wouldn't knock me down for
nothing. all it did
was push me
you never liked that i
attracted storm
clouds with my whispers, and
i was too wild to be tamed
by the silence
in your skin; the
wind may have ripped your
words away, boy, but
you don't always
need to shout within
the storm.

Fight for MeThough I may be wordless
my heart
is screaming,
a thousand voices
lead a chorus of sentence fragments,
of broken language,
of the very heart itself
is cracking and torn.
I am lying here
draped in the blanket
once slept beneath,
by remnants of your hair --
the lingering scent
of your body
infects me and
I cannot
hold back the emotion
welling in my chest.
is a sense of confusion,
a sense of loss,
and I
am left here
sorting through the pieces
that will never
fit back together
in any shape
resembling knowledge,
resembling truth.
As strongly
as I can feel your heart beating
in my mind,
beneath my very ribs,
I can sense
the deluge of love
that you
are holding inside of you
with your lips
sealed like a dam I am striving
to fracture
so that you may awaken,
so that the light
might return to your beautiful eyes
and I could find
the love of my life
still alive
inside of the numb figure
standing in her stead.
I won't stop,
and I will not surrender
because I kno
The Perspective of Outward ForceA large knife lit with fire is
ripping through my heart.
It goes right through my chest like a
saw going back and forth.
I feel it so clearly but I only
see it in my head.
Maybe I am the one who
put it there, instead.
LossI run before I think,
down the long corridor.
It goes on, almost forever.
The floor is cold, so cold.
The door at the very end,
it's always at the end.
I want to see you.
But when I reach the door,
it's shut, locked away.
"Where did you go?" I cry.
"Why are you not here!?
I'm alone, do you hear me?
I'm all alone!"
But there's no answer.
My nails scrape against the surface.
All I can do is sink to my knees,
and weep.
My tears flow against the door.
I'm trapped in the passageway.
Left behind.

Haiku: Revealing ThiraCool clouds, sunset hue
Peeking from velvet spring skies.
Admire our caress.
Warm sands, salty air
Telling secrets to the wind
Santorini night.
Gentle moonlit kiss
Stolen between lover's tides
And silent whispers.
Midnight sails through time
Stars align, on ancient seas
In constellations.
Her temple rises
Forming the curve of mountains
Where the gods reside.
Ocean's lone daughter
Reborn in the Sun's embrace
Where sky meets skyline.
The JokerJoker with a frozen smile,
Let us just laugh awhile,
Turned by the toxins found in life,
Turned by greed, grief and strife,
You may pry and wonder why,
The honest truth I'll not deny,
An evil smile long held within,
Is now outwardly this evil grin!

For those i have featured keep up the amazing work and stay awesome! 


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