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Many took for granted
a kind heart to a gentle hand
guided to misguided places,
a keep sake,
the abandonment;
was a crescent moon
to a fertile land.

where we fell to loss and victory
we tied  this noose
to  tomorrows  forgiveness,
as we drag our feet
to non-existent sand

the message we drew
had washed away;
are we bound to a moment
a fingertip on time we planted
while staring to forever

are we the breath of confinement
those stole out wishes.
I saw sadness in life,
do we grow poor  or grow  riches
memories;  we treasure  
as we drag our feet to non-existent sand
 about a truce  with today's loss and tomorrows victory. dragging our feet through the non-existent sand, we claim our lives upon. it means to draw a line, as the compromises  that life makes us take.
as the bow of strings pull my dulling heart to my surprise,
your colours were beyond brighter, than they're brightness could die
as buildings shone gold glistening to the sun,
whose voices were yet to vibrate, to the lips of one.
what was this call that alleviates those quiet psalms
yet to spread-out those lips, to dead this storm
would thou vow revenge or call out screams
for this to all to end, as if all was but a dream.

to see this side to your happiness,
as the softness of your half-heart was happy no less
unbridled,  if no less harsh, a mirror's half
I saw a beauty not of this  flesh.
to not let tarnish what time had frozen
to only  be seen by those eyes of a chosen few
so long many  longed,   the lonely heart,
that was stolen,  and had grew...

so many kept it secret, a desire had spoke  
it too and fro, as these tears that provoke,
so a thousand words to call the wind its name
I saw a mere smile, so wild none could tame
saying goodbye, to cross these lips that touch
when forever seems too long and goodbye  too much
the last name you spoke, to leave was mine
last I saw your silhouette to the sunset:  you would shine.
Colour of voices
it the power of senses, that interpret what we see, smell, hear, taste and feel. perception and surrounding sounds.  this is about the love of individual senses, of love and how they effect us, how sensitive we are to them.
I strike the page with brushes 
as I shade in lines with courage,

with anguish how is it that we win?
as I scowl the hopeless
sense of loneliness, 

as  if  love was another word for revenge

as if  we  were miscarriage'd  
from a mothers arms into sin

if  never to wake;  
id rest  upon your skin, 
id  become the breath of slumber                                                                                    

as the sweet fragrance I sensed
when we brushed upon one and other-

as to sink these dying arms
to fall unbroken, 
to rise again from the ashes
that our bodies briefness  held.  

what looks were wilted  to begin.  

Sacrifice; is like the selfless body
as time was so beautiful  to be  free, 
was life a disease so  beautiful
to define through dying eyes  yet seen
a familiar  radiance,   a colour
presented itself as warm-blooded,
as quietly  it shed, to red  its  bloom
to  white  and neutral   colours
and what I glimpsed  had shed, instead  the moon

as a banquet we would dine to  feast
but to please these final urges
as you lay in  a sleep, how unnerving it was to see you
there, even though peaceful  you rested 
selfless sacrifice, for  a heartbeat was it selfish? 
As if life   and death, was fair as love 
would we both have had to ask twice to keep   it.
sparingly you waste your breath as you stood
 trying to change these sympathies, my wishes. 

as I cleanse you like with the likeness of  her skin 
what was it; was it a beauty, within

was it treachery I spoke with every breath
with the  every wave we would  win

as our body speaks of death; truth or dare?
as it is he who would dare'th wins

with the likeliness of every tare to tares
who wears the hearts of men.

undying moans that had muffled to days to months to years. 
was I too damned  or troubled, to breath's we couldn't bear.
Well not uploaded a poem in a while. as most things I've wrote have been a few lines at most, was just informing you that i was sorry for the lack off activity.    
One other thing: id like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, you know who you are :) was an awesome day ehe. 


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Laugh afterwards, if it doesn't still hurt
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With the icon I just imagine moonlight
or luminescence after my name. 
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